Album: "Scandinavian Aftermath" [PRE-ORDER]

Album: "Scandinavian Aftermath" [PRE-ORDER]


Release date:  May 28th

Orders from Sweden will be sent the day before the release date, orders from the rest of the world will be sent two days before the release date.

Scandinavian Aftermath is the forth and latest album from DEMOTIONAL. It's been four years since our latest album, and we are finally back with 14 new songs. 

1. Scandinavian Aftermath
2. Bärsärk
3. My Own Enemy
4. My Heart
5. S.O.A.K.
6. Cornered
7. All That I Knew
8. Young Wolves
9. Boiling Point
10. Typhoon
11. Northern Star
12. The Fear Of Success
13. Don't Wake Me Up
14. Close Yet Far

Available as signed album as well.