Press Release: Scandinavian Aftermath

Album: Scandinavian Aftermath
Releasedate: May 28th 2021
Distributed by: Emubands
Presales: May 1st 2021  (Pre-order here)


  1. Scandinavian Aftermath
  2. Bärsärk
  3. My Own Enemy
  4. My Heart feat. Matt Guillory & Jenny Fagerstrand Fjordevik
  5. S.O.A.K
  6. Cornered
  7. All That I Knew
  8. Young Wolves
  9. Boiling Point
  10. Typhoon
  11. Northern Star
  12. The Fear Of Success
  13. Don't Wake Me Up
  14. Close, Yet Far

Scandinavian Aftermath contains 14 tracks and is dEMOTIONAL's 4th album

What do you get if you combine one part samurai, one part viking, one part Bob the Builder on steroids, one part mustache, one part fashion and one part Gothenburg? That's right, you get dEMOTIONAL.
With one foot in the metal capital of the world; Gothenburg and one foot in the southern part of Sweden Växjö, mix that sh*t up and you get the best combination metal could bring to this day.

This Swedish melodic metal band has been kicking ass & chewing bubblegum since their debut album State: In Denial in 2013 and has not been slowing down. Three albums, a life time of adventures around the world, a pandemic & four smokin' hot singles later, they are ready to release their 4th album, Scandinavian Aftermath.

Official statement from the band:

"We can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this release -
This is by far the best work we have ever done. Fuck you Covid-19 but thank you for giving us the time and space to create this album."

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